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Life of A Commuter

Life of a commuter – Personal space As an avid commuter, I have always noticed that people seem to be disconnected when they are commuting. They are present physically, but they are elsewhere mentally. Heading towards a rat race that is different for every individual, to a destination that promises security, stability and sense of belonging. It is a routine for fellow commuters, leaving a place of familiarity to pursue a dream by heading towards an ‘alternative’ life. The project focuses on the individual's personal space during the 40 minutes commuting through the 8 am weekday’s rush hour. It is the only time in the day that they can escape from reality inside their comfort zone. By focusing only on one space, the subject is isolated from the rest of the commuters and recluse into their own space. The series was captured only by using a mobile phone as not to disturb their 40 minutes of escape. The series began in 2017 and evolved in 2018, and it is still ongoing till this day.